please pass this to all your mates!!!

hey Everybody! here's a me keep promoting like a record! add our cause Cancer have to help spread the werd. it's to educate and aware through music and music events. this request will never stop so please! get your bums on board!

Have a dance for me Dahlings...i can't be there

Dahlings!!! hope Miami went well to you all. School is killin me. i need energy for NYU. Graduation is in a month and a half. Anyone want to visit? So i can't wait to hear back from cancer participants who put our logo on their party flyers! Come supporters!…Read More

Embrace Life

oh i's not about the money like the big schmucks are tryin to get. We are trying to spread the word about Cancer to our generations, those who love love love music and their lives!!!! please pass it on...any ideas or help is appreciated big…Read More


this is a Bravo to one of the board members...Michelle Levy of At Large booking Agency. She took our logo to every promoter possible and had it posted on their flyers for the Miami Winter Music Conference....This is where they found my tumor...if you don't…Read More

keep your ears open

Our WEbsite is down and under construction thanks to the many who said they would and could help with Graphics....Otherwise Happy Birthday to "Have A Dance For Me" will be arriving soon.....
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