The Internet has opened a portal for discussions on various matters. People from around the world discuss various issues on message boards and through comment sections on news stories. It's a wonderful thing when people have the opportunity to discuss world…Read More


After MoJo inquiries, the Republican Party promises to take down a Facebook page with offensive comments. 29/7/2010- Israel is responsible for 9/11, Al Qaeda is "100% state sponsored by Zionist Jews," and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is actually…Read More

Attention: please report the following group

Can people please report the following group, and the content being posted! The images in particular need to be reported. If we act on this we can remove these race hate promoters quite easily.…Read More


Embarrassed by Dutch populist MP Geert Wilders’ victory in Wednesday’s general elections? You can now join a dedicated Facebook group to say ‘sorry’ to the rest of the world. And no, you’re not the only one. Only two days after its launch, more than 30,000…Read More

Hate Emboldened by Anonymity of Internet

“I want to kill Jews!!!” “Beat a Jew with a fork.” “National Punch a Jew Day.” Those are just a few of the anti-Semitic groups The Desert Sun found on a search of the popular Internet social networking site Facebook, with many of the groups started by…Read More

CALL FOR ACTION OVER FAR-RIGHT WEBSITE A teaching union has called on education chiefs to act after a 16-year-old Welsh schoolboy was found running an extreme right-wing website. A report by the Western Mail’s sister paper Wales…Read More

Facebook group launches 'virtual protest' against neo-Nazis

You might want to check this story about a fantastic cause: The facebook group has 240,000+ members at:!/digitale.lichterkette?v=wall
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