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Stop RJR's CEO from speaking at Clinton School of Public Health

Where is the “public service” in selling products that kill?

Next week on Tuesday, April 8th, the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock will host Susan Ivey, CEO and chairman of Reynolds American, the parent company of R.J. Reynolds.

The Clinton School is touting the fact that Ms. Ivey is the first woman to lead a U.S. cigarette company and has been ranked No. 42 on Forbes magazine list of the world’s “100 Most Powerful Women.”

Let the Clinton School know that it isn’t acceptable to bring Ms. Ivey to a school of Public Service. Write a comment on their Facebook wall at or e-mail a note to [email protected].

On Susan Ivey’s watch, RJR launched Camel No. 9 – an increasingly popular brand that is marketed in ways that clearly attract young women and girls. After agreeing to end the public marketing of flavored cigarettes in response to a legal challenge, RJR recently introduced Camel Snus flavored smokeless tobacco and bought Swisher, a company that makes fruit and candy flavored little cigars. And in the past year, Susan Ivey’s company has been taken to task by a group of state Attorneys General for the Camel No. 9 marketing campaign and is currently being sued by eight state Attorneys General for violating the MSA by using cartoon images in an ad in Rolling Stone magazine.

Ms. Ivey is going to be addressing the “development of public policy regarding tobacco products in the United States.” Since RJR actively opposes all sound tobacco policy efforts including FDA legislation, smoke-free air laws and increased tobacco excise taxes, we are outraged that the Clinton School would invite her to speak on this topic. We are also outraged that they are promoting her as a woman leader when her companies make the products that cause lung cancer, the leading cancer killer of women, and market products that appeal to kids.

We need your help in letting the Clinton School know what a bad choice they have made in inviting Susan Ivey to speak. Please post a message of protest on the Clinton School’s Facebook page by clicking below.

Or, you can send your message of protest to [email protected].

Thank you for your support.


Adrienne Royer
Manager of Grassroots
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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