God Has a Skin color?

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45499321/ns/us_news/ church in Kentucky bans inter-racial couples from participating or joining the church! ....do a cut and paste into your web browser or visit my home page...not sure how to add a link on this new FB set up :(

Don't forget that the fight continues...

Come out and check the recent postings on our Cause page. I hope you are having a safe and cool summer!

Truth and Wholeness video watched by YOUth at Plymouth Park UMC tonight

I was proud to be asked to introduce the discussion on racism to a group of about +-40 YOUth this evening. We started with a "skittles ice-breaker game", watched Truth and Wholeness part 1...introduced the Crossroads definition of racism (Prejudice+ "abuse…Read More

Team members do a presentation at JYMO 2010!!!

Team members Victor Aves and Mike Rowe did the "Matrix Presentation" on Dismantling racism to a workshop group of 26 people this past Thursday 07/08. Represented were YOUth members from OK, LA, NM, TX, KS!

We are now 200 strong and growing!!

Thanks to everyone for making others aware of the sin of racism!! Keep up the great work!!

We are at 197 members strong and growing!!

Dear Members: Please send out a reminder to your friends on FB to help remind them to join our cause....we would like to have some good #'s before Annual Conference. Thank you all for making a difference!

Proposed Texas Textbooks and "Patriotiism"--check this out!

Power of the institution is attempting to re-write history once again. Among the recommendations facing a final vote: adding language saying the country's Founding Fathers were guided by Christian principles and including positive references to the Moral…Read More
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