After seeing what happens to so many animals that have been sold or given away on Craig's list I believe it's time for them to stop allowing people to dispose of animals on the site.

This is a very small step to end the neglect and cruelty that often accompanies animals carelessly placed into home for a very small fee or no fee at all. There is no such thing as a "free pet." Caring for an animal properly takes time, money, dedication, commitment and of course love. It has been my experience that MANY animals I have seen fall into bad situations are coming from places like Craig's List. In a nutshell this site helps enable people who continually create "unwanted" litters, increases animal "recycling" and makes it very easy for abusers to find cheap or free animals - just to name a few issues. Having the company of an animal is a privilege - not a right.

1. People that don't spay/neuter their animals and continue to have "accidental" litters use Craig's List as an easy way to dispose of offspring.

2. Craig's List also allows "Free to a good home" postings which are extremely dangerous for animals.

3. Craig's List states "No pet sales/breeding" which contradicts what is happening on the site - $25 puppies shown nursing w/mom - someone is BREEDING!