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Jessie's Story by TrafficJamCanada

Tara Teng, an abolitionist and former Miss British Columbia (2010); Miss Canada (2011); Miss World Canada (2012) and Brandon Deepwell came to my home in Kamloops in November 2012 and we did this video to let people know about Jessie and her disappearance and to help raise awareness to the crime of human trafficking ... which is the crime that took Jessie away from us. 

Heartbreaking and true account of Jessie Foster, a young Canadian woman trafficked in to the United States in 2006 and never seen again. Glendene Grant (Jessie's mother) gives a detailed and emotional account of the days leading up to Jessie's March 29, 2006 disappearance as well as the details of the rigorous and nonstop search for her daughter. 

Produced by: Brandon Deepwell
Special Thank You to Glendene Grant and Tara Teng ( (


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