choose aneed choose Rural Health Care Foundation

Dear Members Greetings to you thanks for supporting the cause Health and safe water for the Rural communities Also help these communities which need clean safe water by Donating to website, many children die every month because of taking…Read More

HEALTH AND SAFE WATER & The American Giving Challenge

Hello you are invited to participate in the American giving challenge on facebook by donating to Health and safe water, and also i am requesting you to invite all your friends to donate or to join the cause HEALTH AND SAFE WATER FOR THE RURAL COMMUNITIES see…Read More

Health and safe water on razoo speed granting

Dear friends Razoo has launched a Speed Granting application on Facebook and I need your help to win $500 for HEALTHY & SAFE WATER FOR THE WORLD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 8th -11th july MUBENDE, UGANDA! Speed Granting is a fun way for individuals to make…Read More

Health and safe water

Dear Members of this cause we didn't win , i thank you for the donations you made, time you spent recruiting donors and members you can also join Us in our group below and we have aconference you can also…Read More

Health & safe water on razoo

Dear friends in this cause Health and safe water for the rural communities we did not won this Giving challenge,iam also inviting you to vote on razoo speed granting for Health & and safe water for the rural communities…Read More

Health & Safe water for the world International Conference

Dear member of the Health & Safe water for the Rural communities Greetings from The management of Rural Health Care Foundation, Thanking you for joining the cause, we appreciate your commitment to join the cause and thank you for inviting your friends we…Read More

Health & Safe water

Hello Friend thank you for joining The Cause Health and Safe water for the rural Communities, this year make a good thing happen in some one's life by providing a clean safe water source, this year has been announced by the United Nation as an International…Read More
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