To help end prejudice and hatred against the autistic community.

I have written an article on Deviantart about autism, but still, the world is full of ignorant people who see people with autism as "non-humans" or "burdens on society." Please join this cause and join me in the fight for autistic rights.

1. Autism Speaks is trying to find a way to detect autism in babies before birth and have them aborted.

2. http://scienceblogs.com/whitecoatunderground/2009/05/do_the_geiers_hate_autistic_ch.php Please check out this link.

3. The maker of this cause has Asperger's Syndrome and she is not a retard, nor is she a "wild dog or cat."

4. A fight for autism in a world full of ignorance...

5. The goal is to help give rights to those with autism who are suffering from discrimination due to being different.