Dedicated to fostering academic excellence and faith in God through a Christ-centered education, which emphasizes intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical development.

Harding was established to ensure that young men and women can receive a quality education in a Christian environment. Each day students are taught from a biblical view, the truths that will help them become well-rounded in personality, sound in educational competency, and prepared to contribute to their community.

The college-preparatory nature of the Academy is reflected in our demanding curriculum and admissions policies. The high standards of excellence established throughout the Harding community guide us in a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation. Moreover, we desire to lead each student toward an understanding that God is real, that His Word is truth, and that His plan for one's life is worth lifelong effort.

Because we believe in giving no less than our best, Harding Academy is more than just a school. Our students receive the commitment and dedication of an entire community focused on the worth of each individual to be a productive citizen who gives his all to the church, the family, and the community.

1. Foster each student's faith in God shaped by knowledge of the Bible.

2. Promote each student's academic excellence.

3. Nurture each student's social and physical development

4. Provide a premier education with high-quality facilities, resources, and technology.

5. Recruit, develop, place, and retain high-quality teachers and staff.