There are too many petsbeing left behind, abandoned, abused..put dwn at a sheltor because they just dnt have the resources to keep them, i want to help these animals..Humans Can HELP in many ways!

A friend of mine as recently broadened my perception of how many animals are dying across this country....there is little talk of this on tv etc....The spca does have those horrible commercials...I can barely watch but I do not feel there is enough AWARENESS.....We focus a lot on abused children...abandoned children etc....this is ofcourse good by why are the defenseless animals pushed to the back burner...they have no voice...they are completely helpless to the cold...to the hand of a vicious abuser...there are not enoughh shelters or no kill rescues etc....they hold these dogs a few days some places and if no one wants them they are euthanised....some of these places they are lying in their own feces...etc......I just want people to post wat they can and do what they can to help!

1. It is hard to watch but i would appreciate videso n pictures...AWARENESS is the first step...many people do not realize the seriousness!

2. i want to encourage everyone that change is possible..a friend of mine in the past yr has done much by fostering and voluntering in phila

3. I do hope one day m or someone I know will have the resources to start a no kill rescue..its a big dream.a lot is involved...

4. It makes me sick to see the srays even if people banded together to pledge to pick up straysa nd take them in there r precautions u can take!

5. Anything big or small that can help an animal will and should be posted to this site!