To empower women & members of vulnerable populations to prevent and/or stop violence directed against them

IMPACT-Israel, a project of El HaLev- "To The Heart", a registered Israeli non-profit empowering women of all ages, body, mind & spirit, through training in the Martial Arts and Self-Defense. IMPACT-Israel is an active member of IMPACT International, teaching the most studied, most effective violence prevention and self-protection program in the world. Its goals:

- To prevent and/or stop verbal, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual violence in all segments of Israeli society on a grassroots level by giving women and members of populations frequently targeted by violence the skills and strategies they need to successfully prevent or resist it

-To concentrate its efforts on providing these skills and strategies to women of all ages to assist them in preventing and/or stopping sexual violence in particular

- To empower individuals representing the above populations in such a way as to make them less susceptible to violence

- To contribute toward building a society in which the use of violence to threaten, intimidate or control is unacceptable

1. Everyone deserves to feel valued and safe

2. Everyone can learn how to feel more confident and to deal with bullying & potential violence effectively

3. To learn more about crime & violence in Israel & what we're doing to stop it, go to www.powerupmama.com and www.elhalev.org.

4. To donate: Go to http://www.israelgives.org/amuta/580416634 and donate to El HaLev!