Hi Everyone, Congratulations! We reached the 250 mark! In fact, we are now up to 269!! That means that everything we do to help Israel's women, kids, seniors & others stand up against violence is multiplied over and over again. So, go ahead--- invite…Read More

So close...so very close...

Do you know how close we are to reaching our next landmark number? We now have 241. Do the math. Only 9 more members and we will move up another notch in our Facebook Cause status. What begins in Israel reaches right out and grabs the whole world's…Read More

We're Up To 82--- Let's go for the big 1-0-0

Hi Everyone, We now have 82 members. That is fantastic! WIth a little extra push, we can make it to the big 100 and become what Causes calls a "CLUB". Invite your friends to join us in empowering potential victims so instead of being part of the fallout, they…Read More

10 more members and we'll become a Posse!

Hi Everyone, We've already got 40 members, with only 10 more, we become a Posse and ride off into the sunrise to root out the evils of violence against women and vulnerable members of society in Israel. We give people the skills Members equal awareness. The…Read More
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