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What This Cause Is About

Over 100000 Arabs to pressure Arabic leaders and governments to listen to the sound of the people AND Unite as one distinguished Arabic Country.

Speaking one language, belonging to one race, fighting for one cause, and being attacked as one community… Yet, we can't get along, we can't unite.

America and the west, all have reached what they wanted to reach, united as each wanted to unite (Politically, Socially, and economically), became powerful and dominant, controlled the media, practiced and still practicing absurd and brutal acts, supported their countries by a fully equipped army, and now could attack and invade other countries with no right and with no motive, so far no one could stand in their face.

Why… The question is why? Comrades, why, though we share heaps of wounds towards one direction on one path, we cannot unite? It's because the decision is yours but too afraid to take it on, unsure unstable and frightened… Companions, let us really empower our Arabic nation, let us pump our blood into one liberated Arabic vein, let us rule ourselves and not be ruled, let us speak our minds, let us live our lives with no more degradations or humiliations, and ARABS let us for once unite.

Let's set aside our differences then it wouldn't really matter whether you are Muslim (Sunni, Shia'a), or Christian (Orthodox, Roman, Catholic), whether you are black or white, what accent you speak, or how far the distance is…

You are Arabic from the vein to the vein, I am Arabic from the vein to the vein, and We are Arabs from the vein to the vein.

1. United We stand, Arabic We Stand.

2. Arabs have the right to stand in the face of any Country, Organisation or Indivisual that seeks to destroying them.

3. Arabs have the right to make good use of their natrual resources and fight any other intruders of using them.

4. Arabs Have the right to unite as one strong democratic country.

5. Arabs Have the right to elect one leader democartically without any external interferes.

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