This is Serious!

This cause is all about the State living up to its obligations. There are families right now, who work and depend on these services to help them with their child. This is helpful and necessary. This is a serious issue. Like I said, it is not the companies'…Read More

To All of the Members!

I want to thank all of the Members of this cause for joining. Now it is up to 93. I hope we all have one purpose and that is to fight for the rights of disabled people. I have made 2 calls so far. If there are any ideas please let me know. I will see to it it…Read More


I want to thank everyone who has joined this cause. It means a lot to me. Tonite I got the pleasure of attending the Special Populations Prom. These people really matter to us. Since my daughter has become more involved in these types of activities, I have…Read More
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