In a GREAT interview, Sayer admits although it was brought to his attention on 1/7/09 (7 days before Phoebe's suicide) that she was being bullied, he NEVER CONTACTED THE RESOURCE OFFICER and he still has not spoken with him/her to date!

The second sentence to the last is the truth of what Gus Sayer thought the issue was in the Phoebe Prince case.....not the little sniglet on E! which made him appear to give a hoot!!!!

Great site ....

Phoebe et al's story .... bullying is sooo wrong! :***(

Thank you Barb!!!!! :) Upcoming Episodes of 'E! Investigates: Bullying'Show me: All Upcoming Episodes Title Tormentors target other young people because of their looks, size or sometimes no reason at all. Sat 4/2411:00-12:00pmE Sun 4/253:00-4:00pmE Tue…Read More

Ireland newpapers......

msnbc latest update on the Phoebe Prince story! They've been awesome with coverage!!!

Phoebe may be gone but she will never be forgotten!

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