We developed a stage play, "A Change Is Going to Come" to address and raise awareness to the rising incidents of domestic violence at the hand of religious leaders and church members.

Performing Arts and Literary Society (P.A.L.S.), a project of Congressional District Programs, Inc – a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. P.A.L.S.’s mission is to serve as a catalyst to educate the community, organizations, schools, and churches, utilizing the performing and literary arts as a mechanism to raise awareness of social issues and concerns (such as domestic violence, homelessness, abortion, etc.), which are often difficult to convey through traditional and standardized means.

1. 1 out of 4 Christian marriages experience domestic violence.

2. In my opinion, theater is a non-threatening way of dealing with a very complex and sensitive issue. Like the old saying, “Seeing is believing”!

3. It is our goal to raise national attention to this growing incident by taking this cause to the BIG stage - The Kennedy Center in Washington DC!

4. . I believe that if the church does not address this issue, it will become a public powder keg that will blow up in our faces!