We inspire equip and engage national service alumni to fully realize their potential as change agents and civic leaders in communities.

AmeriCorps alums are a national network of civic leaders who are actively engaged in shaping their communities. Bound together by a commitment to service, AmeriCorps alums are a transformative power to create a better world for all.

AmeriCorps Alums represents the over 550,000 alumni of AmeriCorps National Service, who together constitute a powerful force for change in this country. AmeriCorps Alums helps alumni continue to “get things done” by connecting alumni, advancing our commitment to service, and building the capacity of alumni to be agents of change in their communities.

1. The power of people taking action in communities has and is what will make this country great.

2. Those with the will to work can do great things & solve any problem.

3. Greatness requires leaders who've nurtured the courage and skill to face great challenges.