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News from the White House

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining our cause.......I am passionate about this and with everyone's help we can make this a reality.

The latest news is that Obama is going to take his time and not to expect a decision until the end of May........We know this could change at any minute so please don't put off your call/email/fax to the White House.

Remember you can call more than once a day.........the look on the McDonald's drive thru guy's face was priceless when all of a sudden my speaker phone said, "White House, how may I help you?"

I keep it short and simple because I know they are only writing down his name and for what.

I wanted to get an ad on Facebook but they are pretty expensive and I cannot fund raise from this group. I am new to this (so maybe there is a way). Please be patient and I will stop now so that you can get back to work!


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