Here is a cut and paste from part of the pathologist's findings after Misty's tissues samples were sent after her surgery..... "There was no evidence of neoplasia associated with specimen margin represented in sections examined from this reexcised tissue.…Read More

Misty is finally home after video.

Hi everyone, Misty is now home after surgery...she's wearing an e-collar. Check out the video of Misty on my facebook wall. Thanks, Mark ( : { >

Misty has Cancer...

The Vet who operated on Misty, Dr. Wilson said he submitted two seperate tissue samples of the tumor to the histopathologist. The first tissue samle came back as an aggresive form of cancer. The second sample is not back yet. If the second sample is the same…Read More

Misty's first post op photo ...

Hey Everyone, I've posted a post-op photo of Misty (that was emailed to me by the vet hospital) and some information on my facebook wall. Please visit there. Anyone may leave comments as well. As you know, she's not out of the woods yet as I have not heard…Read More

Misty is awake from her surgery...

Misty is awake from her surgery. The tumor and her vertical canal have been removed. The tumor has been submitted for histopathological examination. Her eardrum is ruptured and there is a drain in place. She will have to remain at the veterinary hospital for…Read More

latest on Misty

Misty is now at the vet. She will be moved tonight and operated on tomorrow early morning. She was trembling and sad eyed. I cried coming back home.


Misty was seen by the vet/surgeon Saturday. She was examined, had a chest xray (results were good) and blood work sent off to the lab. She is now scheduled for a total ear canal ablation surgery on May 4th.
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