The Bike Shack helps people learn how to fix their own bikes or use the tools available to do so on a donation-only basis.

The Bike Shack was started by members of the Wayward Vegan Cafe when it was a worker collective in the early 2000s.
The Bike Shack currently rents a shack behind the main commercial building on the corner of 9th Ave NE and NE 55th St (formerly the Wayward Vegan Cafe) in the U-District of Seattle.
The Shack provides tools, parts, and knowledge on a all volunteer and donation basis. Need a bike? Come build one up (and your knowledge on bikes at the same time!), or fix what you have.
We hope to become a non-profit, but rent and tool replacement is bleeding us dry. (We were burglarized twice in the last two years before making security upgrades.) We're also hoping to move to a more visible location that also has access to water, restrooms, heating, and a lower rent.
We're always looking for more volunteers, so if you can give a few hours once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly, let us know! Don't worry if you don't know much about bikes, learning's half the fun!
Can't volunteer but want to help? Donate!

1. Increase cycling through knowledge of and access to the tools for repair and maintenance.

2. www.bikeshack.org

Donations can be deducted if you do them through the University Heights Center as they act as our fiduciary agent. However, we won't see those donations unless you include a note with your donation saying that it is expressly for use by the Bike Shack.