Why I Believe

Hello, Happy Friday! With all the terrible things going on around the world (the economy, war, environment, the list goes on...) it seems that humanity is doomed. I have some good news! Every once in a while we have a chance to come together for a greater…Read More

Believe Pictures: MAFA 2009

Believe recently had a workshop at the Midwest Association of Filipino Americans (MAFA) held at The University of Illinois at Chicago. The workshop talked about Education, Poverty, Corruption, and Philanthropy in the Philippines. I have uploaded some…Read More

Poker Tournament Fundraiser - December 13th!

Poker Tournament Fundraiser at Grace O'Malley's Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008 1 pm to 2 am It's like Vegas, baby! Anything is possible. You're invited to an exclusive night of Las Vegas-style poker tournament, with professional dealers and casino-style poker…Read More

We're on TV =)

Hi everyone, Profiles in Caring will be airing a documentary on BELIEVE International (please see the online version below). Now I wish I could have been traveled to the Philippines last year when they were filming:) The TV program will be aired nation wide…Read More

Let me upgrade you!

Hello everyone, Thank you for your continued support in BELIEVE International. We upgraded our website (www.believeinternational.org). We hope you will enjoy your browsing. Please provide me any positive or negative feedback, so we can continually improve…Read More


The subject means thank you so much in Tagalog. Although we did not win the Challenge, we did raise over $400 for BELIEVE. I will frequently update this cause page, so you can monitor our progress in the Philippines. If you have any questions about BELIEVE,…Read More


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