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Educational Opportunities for Refugee Youth

Dear LEAP Friends & Family,

We are now short of 4 weeks away from our summer program! In less than one month, we will have approximately 600 students enrolled in our summer camp, but we NEED your help to make this a reality! Every person can help us get closer to our goal and can make a difference by (1) contributing whatever amount you can (no amount is too small) and (2) circulating this campaign so we can increase our reach!

Thus far, we have reached 17.35% of our fundraising goal, which means we can cover the costs for 133 students. But what about the remaining 467 students? YOU can help us get there by contributing whatever amount you can, and also spreading the word! The farther our reach, the greater our reach!

Can YOU be our 80th donor and help us reach 20% of our fundraising goal by MONDAY? As the summer program quickly approaches, we must act in urgency in our fundraising in order to ensure we can enroll our students in the coming weeks! Collectively, through our networks and friends/family, we CAN reach our goal. Any amount—no matter how large or small—will go a long way and help us get one step closer.

A one-time contribution of only $46 covers the expense of ONE student for the summer program. Students will receive a rigorous and intensive English course to help them overcome the educational obstacles that hinder their advancement and frequently cause them to drop out of school or not enroll altogether; fun recreational activities to nurture their emotional and intellectual curiosity and growth, as well as allow them to express themselves via the arts; and participate in fun field-trips to the amusement park, river, cinema, theater, and much more! Consider supporting 1, 2, 5, or 10 students this summer!

Thank you in advance for joining us in this initiative and demonstrating your commitment to the educational empowerment & advancement of Palestinian refugee youth in Lebanon.

We deeply appreciate your support.

With gratitude & love,
The LEAP Family


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