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Let's kick off this year!

Hello all,

Thank you for being a part of this cause, the Junior State of America. Whether you work for the Junior State, are a summer school alumna, or are an active member in the Junior State I would like to wish you all a wondeful year. Let's start using this page some more and increase JSA's presence on Facebook! Invite all of your friends and let's show this page some love. Share your JSA memories, stories, and your plans for this year!

This 2008 election will truly be one of the most historic, not only on a Presidential level, but on the congressional, state, and local levels. Let's kick this year off and show the nation who we are. I urge all of you to get involved in your JSA chapters, the election, your community, and your nation! Good luck. Thank you.

Always yours,

Niraj Antani
Ohio River Valley
Junior State of America
[email protected]

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