Allow teacher's to discuss their faith when a student asks a question regarding said faith.

I created this cause because of a situation I was in awhile ago in one of my schools. One of my teachers openly discussed an upcoming event that her church was hosting in class at the end of the hour while we had down time and an atheist student was offended by that. This student made a very big deal about this and attempted to bring the issue to the school board. I do not see any harm in what the teacher did so I created this cause. I created this cause with the belief that a teacher, regardless of religion, should be able to discuss religion with students if the students question him/ her about it. I am not saying that religion should be incorporated into the mandated curriculum, but rather allow teachers the freedom to discuss it openly if a student questions them about it. If you disagree then I am sorry. But if you agree with our cause then I beg you to invite everyone you know to spread this cause's message worldwide.

John Freshwater was a teacher from Ohio. He went to college for several years and finally gained his license to teach. He was raised as a devout Christian and lived his life according to how his faith mandated. He was very popular amongst his colleagues and students. Seems as though he was living the good life? One day one of his students questioned him about this religious affiliations. He answered "I personally find intelligent design to hold more validity than evolution." A week later he was no longer employed. He was fired because of what he believed in. He discussed his beliefs when questioned and non-believers found that to be so offensive that they found it morally permissible to harp on that discussion until he was unemployed. And that is why this cause was created.

A community college instructor in Red Oak claims he was fired after he told his students that the biblical story of Adam and Eve should not be literally interpreted.

Steve Bitterman, 60, said officials at Southwestern Community College sided with a handful of students who threatened legal action over his remarks in a western civilization class Tuesday. He was fired soon after. If the Freshwater controversy has you questioned, then please go to this site.


Some say Freshwater was to radical, some say he wasn't given an unbiased investigation. You decide.


This cause takes a strong stance for students AND teachers to be able to openly express their RELIGIOUS beliefs (whatever they may be) in the classroom. If children are starved of God and seek guidance from their teacher, then the last worry on that teacher's mind should be whether or not he /she will have a job tomorrow.

Since when do we lose our freedom of religious/ expression when we pass through the school doors?

This group is not advocating for teachers to have the right to discriminate religiously or to discuss theirs constantly. But when questioned by a students, they should have the right to answer. They should have the right to pray and be seen. We do. Why don't they?

For everyone that believes in this cause, please look to joining another cause a friend and I are passionate about, It is called Political Unity and you can find it on my profile under all of my causes! Please join if you support it


In just one year this cause has grown to be the second largest religious cause on facebook! We have well over 150k members! Thanks to all of you who have remained, fought, and rallied for this cause! I

1. Allow Teacher's to express religious views when questioned by a student.

2. Allow faith and moral guidelines to be AVALAIBLE in school, NOT TAUGHT AS IN REQUIRED CLASS!

3. Fight for the freedoms of religion and expression that this country promises