Update From the Chordoma Foundation

Dear Friends, New research initiatives, a new office, and a growing staff have made the past several months a busy and productive time at the Chordoma Foundation. Check out our latest newsletter to learn more about what's happening:…Read More

"Like" the Chordoma Foundation Page

To keep up on the latest news and updates from the Chordoma Foundation follow the link below and "Like" our page! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Chordoma-Foundation/9657331970 You can also visit us at www.chordoma.org for more information.

30 minutes to go, time to go all out!

Our closest competitor has just pulled ahead. Now is when we need your help the most. Please help us regain the lead by donating now: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/46999. We've made a fantastic effort so far, so lets keep pushing hard and take the…Read More

Please Act Now - we're in the home stretch and your donation could be decisive!

Just 4 hours from the finish line of Americas Giving Challenge, and we're neck and neck with our closest competitor for the lead. Please help us pull ahead and finish strong by donating now at http://www.curechordoma.org - Your $10 will help the Chordoma…Read More

Wow, we're tied for first - let's keep up the momentum!

Hurray - We just moved in to first place! Thank you to everyone who has donated already. We have a real chance at winning this competition, but there are four groups close on our heels, so we can't let up. If you have not already donated now is the time:…Read More

Act Now to help the Chordoma Foundation win Americas Giving Challenge

Let the race begin! Our day to win Americas Giving Challenge is now underway and we have until 3pm EST Friday (tomorrow) to recruit as many donors as possible. Now is the time to step into action. You are the key to our success, so please help by donating and…Read More

Giving Challenge Update: New Way to Donate & Date Correction

----- New Way to Donate ----- Good news: asking friends to donate just got a lot easier! Now you can encourage friends in person or on the phone to donate at www.curechordoma.org . This address points straight to the causes donation page. Go ahead, check it…Read More
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