Every 3000 A4 size papers cost 1 tree. So, please consider your Environmental responsibilities, before printing any thing.

one tree inhales 12 kg carbon dioxide and exhales enough oxygen to keep a family of 4 members breathing for a year. Just 3 trees planted around an average size of house can save the air conditioning bill by up to 50 %. A 30 Mtrs long tree with 2,00,000…Read More


Saving Mother Earth has to start somewhere. It starts right here, with the people who inhabit it. Get out and pick up the trash in your neighborhood or around your business. It starts with one person and continues to grow from there. Don't be afraid to stop,…Read More

Impending Disaster Or Manageable Crisis? What Difference Do Our Food Choices Make Anyway?

Our food supply has become one that places convenience before taste, cosmetic appeal over nutrient value, and worst of all profits before people. Awareness of the impact of climate change on our current unsustainable global food system is growing, while the…Read More


Dear All, Sincere thanks to you for joining me to fight against Global Warming....request to spread message / awareness to reach maximum people on our Mother Earth and we never know amongst them someone could give better suggestions or share learnings, in…Read More
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