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Cyber Intifada

This cause is now connected to Cyber Intifada. I am the admin the founder of Cyber Intifada so if you have questions then just ask me. Here is the description of Cyber Intifada:
(link to the page and profile is in the bottom)

Cyber Intifada is an union of pages here on Facebok, with the page "Cyber Intifada" as their common platform. The page "Cyber Intifada" is the representant of the union. The goal of Cyber Intifada is to stop the israeli propaganda here on Facebook.

If you have questions then ask in the forum under the section "Questions" or send a message to the Cyber Intifada profile (link is in the bottom). The fan page wall should not be used for questions, becuase then it will probably become "spammy".

Cyber Intifada is an individual fan page. Then other fan pages/group/causes/etc. can join. The only thing Cyber Intifada requests before you can join is that the Cyber Intifada logo (the display-picture of this profile) is placed as the profile picture. You can choose between replacing the picture with our logo or just adding the logo to the picture.
NOTICE: It is not allowed to add the logo without contacting us. We need to know which fan pages are connected to Cyber Intifada.

Why should i connect my page/group/cause to Cyber Intifada?

-You get free advertising on our page and this will gain you more fans/members.
-You will be able to help removing israeli propagnda from Facebook.
-You will be able to help spreading the palestinian cause.

I don´t think it is neccessary to mention this, but just to avoid misunderstanding i will. Pages can only be connected with Cyber Intifada if they are palestine-related (for example: We love Palestine, We condemn Israel etc.). Pages/groups called "I love apples" of course cant be connected.

LINKS: (the fan page) (Profile)

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