Cyber Intifada

This cause is now connected to Cyber Intifada. I am the admin the founder of Cyber Intifada so if you have questions then just ask me. Here is the description of Cyber Intifada: (link to the page and profile is in the bottom) Cyber Intifada is an union of…Read More

We must fight the israeli lies.

To fight the israeli lies we need to keep talking. Keep saying the truth. Facebook is a great opportunity. We need to create causes, groups, pages etc. to spread awareness. I have made this group and want ALL of you to join :D :D…Read More

Shimon Peres, Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni should go to "International Court of Justice in The Hague"

Israel is comitting war crimes and are violating the international laws. They have cut food/water-resources to the Gaza-strip which is violating the human rights and they are attacking food production facilities. They are using white phosphorus against humans…Read More


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