after the opening... and before the AGM

Well, the exhibition opening happened - and lots of people came. The minister of Youth, Sports and CULTURE Shaw Kgathi made a great speech (ok, I wrote it - but he added lots of persuasive stuff and really emphasised govt support) and several diplomats came…Read More

exhibition progress

The Limkokwing students have the bit between their teeth and have got a lot achieved this week. Designs for the posters, flyers and invitation cards are nearly ready, as well as t shirts for the students to wear at the exhibition and sell afterwards. The PR…Read More

The Botswana National Arts Institute

There will be an exhibition in the Octagon at the National Museum 18 - 30 May 2010, highlighting the progress made by the Botswana Society for the Arts in establishing the first phase of the BNAI. The BSA is working with Limkokwing students who will gain…Read More
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