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We believe communication creates communion. Today, the most widespread distribution network is the internet, equal to television in terms of individual users. Good News TV is a showcase of the best content produced by a small team in our studio. It is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to use modern media in its many forms as a tool to connect faithful to their faith. It is supported by the Archdiocese of Karachi and people of goodwill both here and abroad. Good News TV offers bilingual programming that is in Urdu [National Language] and in English. The network's programming, will focus mainly on these areas: Prayer, devotion, and meditation, Liturgy and Faith, Catecheses and growth in the Catholic Faith according to the Magisterial, Expressions and stories of Catholic faith on individual and at the community level and a communications platform for the Church. Father Arthur Charles is the CEO of Good News TV. Out of his personal interest he has enquired knowledge, skills and uses his charisma for the effective use of modern media. Good News Web TV is just another step forward in the realization of the vision to have a full fledged TV Channel.

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