Donation for Catholic TV Channel.

Good News TV is different from other TV channels because it will place a special emphasis on values and will show programmes which cannot be seen on other TV channels. Programme hosts and guests will include members of the clergy and distinguished laity, members of civil society and reputed media personalities. A team of anchor people will host the programmes, which has segments devoted to research-and-knowledge-based news.
Good News will feature a modern format with an open dialogue focused on the message of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century, especially as it is lived in today’s world. Holy Mass, Recitation of the Rosary, Lives the Saints, Scripture Readings, contemporary talk, headline stories of current events, politics, music, entertainment, arts and sports have their slots. The Channel will also include human interest stories and inspirational themes, shows offering counselling and guidance, educational programmes and more.

1. Rev. Fr. Arthur Charles is the CEO.

2. Bureau chief is Mr. Johar Ali