Emergency Pet Rescue- helping pets in need, any breed, any age, any size. One at a time we save a life and give a loving soul a second chance.

No Paw Left Behind’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and place severely injured, abused and feral dogs and cats in South Florida; provide special attention to pets that need medical or behavioral assistance; admit pets in need without basis of breed or size; place each one of our amazing survivors with a loving forever home; continue to develop ways to help lower our numbers of feral pets; build community understanding of feral issues; educate the public about responsible pet ownership; assist in the investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty and neglect; and document the stories of love and survival to further develop our humane education outreach program.

One at a time.
This motto is my sanity when faced with the devastating number of lives lost each year in our animal shelters. In 2008 alone over 4,000,000 pets were euthanized.
A popular sentiment is that the pets that end up behind crate bars in our nation's shelters have done something wrong. A five-minute stroll through your local shelter tells a very different story: puppies and pure breeds; large and small; short hair and long hair; every shape and size. Some are wagging their tails and licking the bars, trying to catch a glimpse of the person who might take them home. Others cower in the back, shaking with their eyes shut. Puppies play with old toys obliviously blissful in their pens. Old dogs sit quietly, politely waiting to be looked over. Abused dogs may crumble to the ground or lunge at passers by.
Each and every one of these pets deserves a chance. Why, in a culture where over 60% of the population lives with a beloved family pet, are there so many hundreds of thousands dying? Many reasons, but most notably: there are simply too many pets.
No Paw Left Behind focuses on the extreme cases; feral, abused, neglected, behaviorally challenged, abandoned, victims of foreclosure, ill, injured or otherwise "difficult" cases. We don't have the space or funding to take in and rehabilitate a large number, so by focusing on the most needy cases we use their stories to inspire more people to adopt rescue pets.
Our current national average is only 20-30% of family pets are adopted from rescues and shelters. It is our mission to honor each and every life that passes through this rescue to help educate our community about the love these "second hand" pets give and deserve.
Every animal deserves to live, and every one of our rescue stories strives to honor that life.
I hope that you will read about some of our rescues and come to love their courage and will to love as much as we do.
Thank you for supporting rescue pets,

Jacquelyn Johnston, CPDT
Director- No Paw Left Behind

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4. No Paw Left Behind’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and place severely injured, abused and feral dogs and cats