Update on the hens to be crushed to death in Nebraska USA!

It seems that we have, at last, some good news! The 70,000 fully grown hens that were to be destroyed my maceration (crushing) has been halted! This is the satement from the PETA website: 'After PETA sent an urgent plea asking local and state law…Read More

Update on the hens to be crushed to death in Nebraska USA!

Hello again everybody, I have been given an update on this situtaion. A petition has been started that will be sent to the company that proposes to take this dreadful action against these fully grown birds. They need as many signatures as they can get. If…Read More

Urgent ! Company plans to crush to death fully grown hens in Nebraska USA!

I thought that you would be interested in the news that has just reached us from the USA. A company in Nebraska has decided to grind up 70, 000 fully grown hens alive! As if it were not bad enough with the day old chicks! I will post a link below if anyone…Read More

Crushing of chicks makes national UK news!...At last!

Thank you and welcome to all the new members that have signed up. It is much appreciated. Today has seen this story break in National UK news. If anyone would like to click on these links to the news items, please do. It is time that this barbaric practice…Read More

Update for chicks crushed to death by poultry industry

Hello Everyone who has supported the cause so far. Apologies that it has been so quiet for such a long time, but the organisation called Abijoes has taken over the campaign and placed this link onto the their website. It is their hope that they will be able…Read More

Unusable live chick update

Hello Everyone, Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has joined so far. I am so sorry that it has taken so long to get back to all of you with some more information, but, at last, here is an update from Compassion in World Farming on this subject. //…Read More

Live mincing of unsuable chicks

Please help spread the word about this horrid practice and spare many millions of chicks from a horrid death.
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