hey guys im sorry that i havent gotten back to anyone my schedule has been extremely busy. I have not completed the final draft of the letter yet so please send all suggestions to my inbox or my email address [email protected]

rough draft of letter seeking justice for hashim

As promised here is the rough draft of the letter that will be sent out to judges prosecutors and congressmen in tennesse regarding hashim... please read and critique provide feedback (i will not be offended) I want the letter to collectively show our…Read More

small changes

thanks to everyone that has joined I am still working on my legal letters to the state on tennesse so the police can move their feet faster on the case i will keep you guys updated....I added the link to the latest article on Hashim and I made a few changes…Read More

Help Capture a Wanted Man

Please help bring Hashim's killer to justice. Please send out a message to all of your facebook Buddies asking them to please join this cause in keeping a brilliant mans legacy alive. Thanks to all the facebook users. Please pass the word who knows, just…Read More

Lead investigator

Detective Alan Charvis is the lead investigator 931-648-0656 I encourage at least one person to call and ask for updates on the investigation every day....DO NOT HARASS this man, but call and let him know Hashim was not just another black man killed but a…Read More

Seeking the Justice we deserve

Let's all get together and get more involved because this can happen to anyone's family and if we don't take up a cause for ourselves then who will so let's all stick together and help bring Hashim's Killer to justice.

next steps

Please keep inviting people to the cause...the more numbers we have the stronger we are.... There are two things I wanted to run by everyone to see how we all feel about it. the first is writing a letter to the states attorney office in clarksville to let…Read More
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