Realizing the UN's Millennium Development Goals in Haiti, including eradicating extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Be The Change International is an international multi-faith based humanitarian organization that works with in-country partners to eradicate extreme poverty and the preventable diseases associated with poverty, such as HIV/AIDS.

Our program in Haiti -- "Tomorrow's Haiti" -- was created to help build a self-sustaining post earthquake Haiti. The initiative is run by Haitians, and co-partners with other like-minded organizations, faith-based groups, governments, and individuals like you, to help the Haitian people break the cycle of poverty that has entrapped them for generations.

Together, we work to create long-term, sustainable change through a holistic approach which strengthens the main social components needed for a healthy society to grow and thrive. This approach requires these social components be addressed and strengthened simultaneously through a comprehensive, cohesive, multi-partner program. The globally accepted social components are: Education, safe shelter, clean water resources, safety, health education and care, job and life skills training and employment opportunities, gender equality, respect for family and cultural foundations.

Please help us help the people of Haiti break the cycle of poverty and offer the of children of "Tomorrow's Haiti" a brighter, more hopeful future by visiting our website: www.bethechangeinternational.org

1. We address social crisis through a holistic, comprehensive approach

2. Programs strengthening education,health education,job and life skills training,gender equality,safe shelter,safe water,family & cultural respect

3. We work to create long-term change allowing individuals to become self-sustainable and break the cycle of poverty that entraps them