Our mission is to wipe out child abuse and neglect by raising money for in-home prevention programs.

It truly takes a community to keep children safe. If child abuse were a disease, it would be called an epidemic. The Child Abuse Prevention Fund supports programs that provide proven, in-home family services that help lower the risk of child abuse and neglect. It recognizes that the only way to wipe out child abuse is to keep it from happening in the first place.

Be an advocate for the children in your community and help end child abuse. Make your contribution, add the End Child Abuse – Safe At Home ribbon to your wall and pass it on to all your friends. It’s that easy! Together we can end child abuse.

For more information on the Safe At Home campaign, visit us at www.safe-at-home.org or contact Lisa Manske at [email protected]

1. Every child deserves to feel safe at home.

2. We can end the cycle of child abuse and neglect through in-home prevention programs and visitation.

3. Services funded through the Child Abuse Prevention Fund lower the risk of abuse and neglect.

4. Your gift, of any amount, and your efforts to promote this message make the difference in the lives of children.