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Some exciting events are coming up! Education Symposiums across Canada and Heel n Wheel ePledge!

Register now for the `Living Well with IBD` education days in Saskatoon, Halifax or Toronto.

Saskatoon - Saturday March 21st at the Ramada Hotel.

Halifax- Sunday April 5th at the Westin Nova Scotian.

Toronto- Sunday May 3rd at the CNIB Centre at Bayview and Eglinton. ***This event has a separate stream for youth!

I will be speaking at the Toronto Symposium!!! If you get this message and make the event make sure to mention to me that you got my email!!

FREE FREE FREE ...did I say FREE if you are under 25!!
FREE to register if you are under 25. Only a small fee for everyone else.

Go to to save your spot!

If you are not looking for education, but are interested in raising money to find the cure then the epledge is where you should look. The epledge system is up and running again...
Check out

Cheer to happiness and health!
Hope everyone can help out in whatever way best suits them!

All the best,

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