A Children's Contract

I would like to thank all of you who support the debate to give grand/parents access to their children as a matter of right, recognised for what it actually achieves which is stability for the child. We cannot turn the clock back to when we had stable…Read More

"A Child's Contract"

Please sign this e-petition, it is better to make arrangements for children when the parents are in love and wish to start a family than try to make arrangements when they are emotionally stressed with their lives in turmoil. Children are the ones that get…Read More

"A Charter for Grandchildren"

As our campaign for a “Charter for Grandchildren” has been ongoing for some time without any visible signs of a breakthrough I am slowly coming to the stage where I think a push is really needed and new ideas brought to the fore such as a “Children’s…Read More

Peter Howell

It is with deep sadness that I inform the supporters of our cause which is to have governments recognise the need for “A Charter for Grandchildren” that our secretary Peter Howell has tragically passed away. Peter was in his early thirties and although at…Read More
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