Stop Being Afraid To Talk About This

I know of a couple of people that took their lifes today!!! We have got to get this word out and try to save these people young or old!!! Just by ONE of my FRIENDS posting this on their site saved a person!!! I now keep in touch just to let them know someone…Read More


Just wanted to tell you the Cause I set up for my sister saved someone life... I Prayed that if it just touches one person the pain is worth it... A person just told me that the Causes "Suicide Is Not The Answer - God Is The Answer" saved her from hurting…Read More

Stomp Out Bullying

Today is 2 years since you have been gone... I love you dear sister oh so much... Their are so many that miss you so... Keeping my head held high until it is my turn to say goodbye to all... Just taking one day at a time that is want it meant for me to do...…Read More

Your On My Mind Sister

Just setting here thinking about you alot... I have question about my health and I can't just call you up anymore and ask you what is going on... But that is not the only reason I am missing you... Saw some new picture of Ashley and Brandon they sure are…Read More

(no subject)

I just wanted to tell everybody THANK YOU very much... The "Cause" has grown to 112 members... If it was not for your help we would not be this far... We have now became a "CLUB"... Praises go to our God and Thank Each of you so much!!! God Bless you and your…Read More

I need HELP with my CAUSE

Family and Friends I am asking for each one of you to help... There are more and more SUICIDES happening now than ever. With the economy so bad and people losing their jobs and can not find work. This is the time for AWARENESS... I am hoping eveyone will help…Read More

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