Hey everyone, pay attention, because this one's important! December 12th, 7 pm @ The Lake Luzerne Town Hall. This meeting may be the last chance we have. The board has decided to possibly vote on the zoning changes that would ALLOW Mont Luzerne to go through!…Read More

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Tonight's meeting was rather uneventful. If you were unable to attend, there will be a repeat meeting on Saturday at 11 am. I do urge you to go and speak your peace. If you don't attend any meetings, please remember you can submit comments to the town until…Read More

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ONE WEEK TO GO! The SEQRA document has been released on the town's website, as well as in the Town Hall and the library. Please visit this site to take a look at it. Hope to see you all next Thursday!

Get prepared for next month's meeting!

The environmental impact statement has been released to the public. Our job is to go through it and see where we need to be concerned. However, this document is rather large. We were hoping that we could all come together and each read a portion of the…Read More

Hey everyone!

Mont Luzerne is becoming an issue again at Town Hall. We need you to keep the word spreading! Please, get people involved. Send them to our website and get them to join us on here! The next meeting will be held 3 times next month, so no…Read More

Thanks for joining!

Please, try to invite as many people you can to join our group. The next meeting has not been announced yet, but I will keep everyone posted with information as I get it. Also, take the time to check out our official web site at
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