“Lamestream” TIME calls Constitution “Elastic”

“Lamestream” TIME calls Constitution “Elastic” In the July 4, 2011, issue of TIME magazine, Managing Editor Richard Stengel, calls the Constitution “elastic” and even goes so far as to claim that was exactly what the Founders intended to do; make the…Read More

AoF-the FEATURE in Republic Magazine!

If you haven't heard, Republic Magazine just released issue #19. It's dedicated to Continental Congress 2009 and the Articles of Freedom! If you respect the AoF and would enjoy reading about the making of the Articles of Freedom, order you a copy, or dozens…Read More

Tuesday meetings - all across America!

Find your local Tuesday Articles of Freedom meeting. Go to www.Meetup.com and search for "Articles of Freedom" If there's not a meeting already set up in your area - START ONE! These meeting agendas and educational materials will be planned by the national…Read More

Understanding the Articles of Freedom on DVD

FROM: Bob Schulz: Articles of Freedom Deliberations on DVD Order Your Copy Now! $17.76 - Single Copy + S/H $9.95 - Per Copy 10+ Units Includes Full Rights to Duplicate & Distribute Unlimited Copies Last Friday I sent you an email about our new DVD…Read More

Bob Schulz-Tonight!-Webinar, please attend.

I hope that all are remembering our fallen men and women that have sacrificed their lives for all others to be free. What better way to spend Memorial Day weekend, than to join forces with other individuals in the revival of our Constitution? Please be…Read More

We Need YOU with Us in the Fight for Freedom - Here is a Step you can Take

(From Bob Schulz)........... Dear Friends & Supporters, All hands on deck...! Please stop what you are doing and get ready to take action now. We've spent the last 3 months and literally poured in hundreds of hours producing a fantastic DVD that gets…Read More

Call radio & TV stations

To the motivated supporters of liberty & freedom, Here’s an action plan that can help us get the word out with only 4 days left before the National Dedication Ceremony in Austin on Monday. Please call your local TV and radio stations. Go to THE PLAN,…Read More
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