The following information has been obtained regarding vivisection in TCD : 1 In the Bioresources Unit, ther are at present about 7000 mice, 2000 rats and 10 rabbits . 2 Experiments performed relate to genetic blindness , immune defisiency and Altzheimers…Read More

The Animals Need Action - NOW !!!

Hi ! I know I hav said this before , but it is so important that we take real action against this vile abuse as soon as possible !!! writing letters an sending emails is ok an useful , but very slow . The quicker we can make a REAL impact , the more animals…Read More

Please check this out !

Hi ! If you can bear it , take a look at this website . It is just the most sick an disgusting pack of lies i hav seen in a long time . How can they look into there victims eyes an say that research benefits animals as well as people ? How can they hav the…Read More

Email campaign !

Hi ! Here's a chance for all you guys to tell the sick,money-obsessed torturers at Trinity College exactly what you think of them ( in reasonably calm terms, of course,unlik me - theyve got my contact details ,so Im the one theyll shoot !) We ar not doing…Read More


Hey u guys ! Thanx for all the grate recruiting work u are putting in , an please keep at it ! However, activism in the safety of the internet just isnt enough - for the sake of the thousands of animals being tortured rite now,for the hundreds who will suffer…Read More

On behalf of the animals - THANK YOU !

Hey all ! This announcment is late - it was due earlier today ,when we reached the 100 mark ,but I was so busy I didnt hav time to mark the occasion ! stil,now ther is even more to celebrate - there ar 224 of us an counting !!! grate work evryone an please…Read More

Anti-vivisection Protest !!!

Hey all ! This is an URGENT appeal to all members of this group who actualy care enough to get off the computer an ACT ! Join the National Animal Rights Association outside TCDs science block entrance on Thursdays at 1.30 - 2.30 , to help us protest against…Read More
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