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hello all, just saying hi to everyone. Hope everybody is having a great summer and thank you for being part of our cause. EMBC Preventing Drug Abuse

Did you know?

Did you know that in any given day nearly 1.2 million teenagers smoked cigarettes, 631,000 drank alcohol, 586,000 used marijuana, 50,000 sniffed inhalants, 27,000 used hallucinogens, 13,000 used cocaine and 3,800 used heroin? Help EMBC Prevent Drug Abuse!!!!


Wow we are at 399 members. Thank you all once again for your continued support for such a great cause. Help us fight to prevent drug abuse by continuing to spread the word and have people join our cause. P.S. Check out the new website of House of Freedom…Read More

Keep it Going Team!

Spread the word and ask people to join our cause, become a fan of our page, and follow us with Twitter @EMBCFoundation

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Thank you all for the support that you have showed to the cause Preventing Drug Abuse. We are only 121 members shy of going from a crew to a squat so let's keep the momentum going and get to the goal. Sincerely, EMBC Foundation

Interesting Facts

Make sure to check out the EMBC Facebook page at for interesting facts about drugs and how they affect people and society. Spread the word. P.S. We are at 373 members. =)

Growing Faster Than Ever

Team, Thank you for all that you do for our cause to prevent drug abuse. We are now at 351 members and we are growing at a pace that is outstanding. I appreciate all of your continued support. Sincerely, EMBC Foundation
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