Support and comfort

Our son Andrew was born January 21,1998. When we got home from the hospital my husband and I knew somthing wasn't right. Andrew scraemed in pain constantly. We took him to two doctors and to three diffrent hospitals and were told each time that he simply had "Colic". Andrews symptoms slowly started to go away. In 2007 (9 yrs of age) Andrew became deathly ill with what we all thought was a stomach virus-I took him to two emergency rooms and was told after CT scans and even abdominal ultrasounds that he was fine....I just knew something was wrong and was not going to stop until we could get some answers-so Darrell and I rushed him to Childrens Hospital of The Kings Daughters (Norfolk,VA-an hour away) the next morning-he was pale,vomiting and could only lay in a fetal position.As soon as we reached CHKD ER they took him back and called in four surgeons from Duke to perform surgery-Andrew had a condition called malrotation-malformation. His intestines were wrapped around his aorta artery which was causing the bloodflow to his organs to be shut off...we were told he may not make it through the surgery-although we knew God has a plan for Andrew and God is the Greatest Physician-Andrew lost part of his bowl,spleen,appendix,and majority of his intestines....he was in the hospital for 9 days and out of school for 3 months...Praise God he recovered but we must always watch him closely and he is limited on certain activities....Two days prior to his surgery in 2007( at only 9yrs old) he preached a Sunday morning sermon at Warwick Assembly of God and 6 people gave their lives to the Lord that morning.....the next morning is when the symptoms started-so keep praying for him, for his faith is mighty yet he is so fearful to preach again-I feel the awareness of this birth defect has gone misdiagnosed too many times..It's time to speak out!!

1. google malrotation