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Amsterdam from 27 October to 5 November ( 1-4 )

Candy Stick = Candybis Growers Breeders Activists It's probably I will be there...who wants to meet me...let me know... International Horti Fair Amsterdam www.hortifair.com ‎20% more innovations at coming Horti Fair, mostly geared towards Cultivation New…Read More

Business & HEALTH

I am searching for a job asap...into Cannabis sector...in Europe...have you a greenhouse ? I have seeds but no money to start to grow...if you have a place...I would like to breed to make seeds...if you are open to help me...simply , let me know !


Well,I am Candy Stick the only one Herbalist Activist for Organic Cannabis that exist ! tomorrow I will be in Spain during a week in Madrid to search for possible works,then in France to learn well to grow & then come back to Italy to bring all my BAGS to…Read More

Help to create Laws about Cannabis to the Herbalist sector , Vote please and if you can...Donate !

THERE'IS NOT MEDICAL MARIJUANA..ONLY exist : Cannabis Sativa - Cannabis Indica & Cannabis Ruderalis...medical is only a word to tell who have power to choose for you...only a Lobby's Mafia power to create Laws for Big Pharmas...open Eyes !


Well...by NOW I will be no more in this page , and into the all others mine....my address and my number of mobile phone are written well...I am looking to study Cannabis asap and to make business with it, so , please read well all my ideas and , simply...call…Read More

Earth's UnitedHerbalists for Righteous Laws on Cannabis

Happy New Year to all of you by Candy ! I am ready to start new business in The Netherlands. I want to do it legally,so I need someone who already have permit to sell pot or seeds... I am searching for sponsors and supporters , Lawers,Doctors,breeders…Read More
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