Selective Purge of Black Voters

Permission to reprint granted with link to You can discuss this article here: Four hundred and eighty-eight voters, all but four lifelong Democrats, and nearly all Black, had…Read More

President Obama will begin using the Executive Order

I heard about this today on Democracy Now, but had not read anything about it in the press (go figure). According to Democracy Now the President plans on using the power of the Executive Order to do what congress refuses to do. Although Executive Order's…Read More

Americans Job Act

Yesterday evening President Obama gave a stirring speech to Congress. While watching, there were parts where the Republicans stood and applauded. This, I think, was a first. The White House has put together a slide show that gives excellent information on…Read More

(no subject)

An OpEd by Mark Dorlester, August 11, 2011 Just opinion: We, the nation and we, Obama supporters are in one hell of a pickle. I don't need to recap the headlines; you know the top national problems, and much of the news today was on the idea that the…Read More

Rebuild America

There's a fire storm of Action on H.R. 204, NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT BANK ACT. I sent an email out to you yesterday. Thank you, for all of your support. Because we really need to push congress to get this legislation out of committee and enact…Read More

TAKE ACTION! Call or Email The White House Today

Congress is preparing to leave town for a 5-week recess -- leaving town without creating jobs. Please call or email the White House and ask that the President call a Special Session of Congress for JOBS! You can email the White House at…Read More

HR 402, National Infrastructure Development Bank Act

Our next hurtle is H.R. 402 - National Infrastructure Development Bank Act of 2011. Please read carefully and please act on this legislation. Everything you need is in this Bulletin. President Obama has repeatedly stressed the importance of rebuilding and…Read More
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