Release Funds for Services for All Persons With Autism to Each of the 50 States


This petition on Causes calls for the appropriation, re-newal and re-allocation of existing $$$ in $469 million to improve the quality of life of all persons with autism in the US and the appeal is being made to the US Congress and to the US President. these $$$ may not sound like much when much more is spent (and much more wasted!) on many other things, but these $469 million, if fully funded, re-newed and re-allocated wisely, would serve as a good start for many persons with autism, especially younger people from low-income and minority families and all adults, to have more access to diagnostic and support services for autism. If you are outside the US and do not see the relevance of this to you, I understand if you choose not to support this. But if you are one who is interested in supporting this, all signatures are allowed through, even if you are outside the US. Every signature counts!

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