2016 7th annual World Autism Festival

Cultural CONNECTIONS “A Space where we realise we are not alone.” ~ Nina Roy, India https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ancaconnected https://vimeo.com/147202850 https://vimeo.com/112435540 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv0rsXaNOLg

CONNECTED - the movie

Trailer of the soon to be released film: Connected: A Film about Autism Filmed in Edinburgh Scotland during the 2014 ANCA World Autism Festival An ANCA/HandFace Production Click this link to view http://vimeo.com/117684159

2015 6th annual ANCA® World Autism Festival™

The ANCA® World Autism Festival™ in partnership with Erdal Ateş of “Otisium” and in collaboration with Irem Bekter of “Productions Diabluras” is currently in the planning stages of their sixth annual event taking place in Istanbul, Turkey October 1-6…Read More

Young Artist with Autism Bid for Glory by Mike Williams

http://www.gofundme.com/8wmuzo?pc=fb_p2_e2 From a post by Matthew's father Mike Williams Matthew is a nominee representing England and has been invited to particiapate in the 'Opening Ceremony' in Edinburgh. Please note: The news article says, 'at least…Read More

YOUR VIEW - Autistic People Community Radio Show

Share your stories through our LIVE radio and now LIVE television Naturally Autistic People channel. We are looking for your stories to share with the broader international community, successes and struggles being on the spectrum or raising and supporting…Read More

Release Funds for Services for All Persons With Autism to Each of the 50 States

This petition on Causes calls for the appropriation, re-newal and re-allocation of existing $$$ in $469 million to improve the quality of life of all persons with autism in the US and the appeal is being made to the US Congress and to the US President. these…Read More

Treatments and therapies on autistic people

APPLIED BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS - very interested to hear from parents and primary caregivers how valuable OR not this system was for you - and for AUTISTIC PEOPLE what outcomes did this provide for you?
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