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Positive Change September 2011

A big good morning to all 6553 supporters out there in cyberspace :) Once again thank you for keeping the momentum going - even when I have at times lost faith and felt like my good intentions would just forever rot in the abyss that is cyberspace. I have copped criticism and ill will about this cause (well I'm sure you've all read my previous bulletin) But the cause keeps growing, and just the sheer number of supporters gives me faith that a change can happen. But enough about me, onto official business.

Today I have a positive update :) After a quick google search I discovered that there is a national policy discussion taking place on addressing the inequality of the Australian Constitution towards First Peoples (Indigenous). A panel has been appointed by the government to lead a nationwide discussion. So I put in an expression of interest to attend and a link to this cause site. Fingers crossed all will line up and I will be able to. I encourage you all to check out the site, have a proper read and get involved too! :)

Also a couple of months ago I was watching message stick and saw that in NSW there was a group out there focused on implementing constitutional change :) Hooray :) I didn't take down details and have forgotten (pregnant brain) but will do some research and track down at a later date :) My aim was to raise awareness and I found relief in knowing that there are people with the professional knowledge and logistics working too! If anyone has any information I would appreciate hearing from you :)

Well I haven't had a chance to read through the discussion paper or check out the site fully (I got excited and started writing this bulletin, which takes ages on my smart phone :$ ), but will provide updates once I do.

To end a quote from the declaration of human rights

"(Whereas) the people's of the united nations have in the charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity & worth of the human person & in the equal rights of men & women & have determined to promote social progress & better standards of life in larger freedom"


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