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June 2011 Update -

Hello everybody!! I am absolutley estatic to see that this cause has grown to over 6000 people. That is more than I could of possibly dreamed of when I created this page (I thought I might get maybe 1% of my friends list to have a read, and thats about it). Many thanks for taking the time to read and support. The cause somehow "dropped off" my facebook page, I have received no updates and I have only just been able to find the link again so apologies. I am trying to read through all of the comments left, I just need some time so please be patient.

I have recently had the pleasure of attending two reconciliation events at the State Library of QLD as a part of reconciliation week - Lets talk about recognition youth forum about reconciliation and recognition (at the time I didnt realise that it was being recorded and webcast... I will post a link here if anyone is interested in watching) and an event, I guess you'd call a book reading with Nanna Ruth Hegarty, with a surprise guest - Mr Kevin Rudd or "Uncle Kevin". He spoke about the apology from his personal perspective, and I was moved to see how much passion he has for "closing the gap". (If anyone is wondering what I mean by closing the gap - please see

So case in point, there is support out there in higher levels, but on a personal level I'm not 100% sure what to do next... how to take the awareness raised here and turn it into action.

I guess it all starts with the reader. Lets keep raising awareness. There's no point in advocating for change in the Australian Constitution if racism and discrimination are still a part of our day to day lives. Here is a quote out of my personal blog that I would like to share, I think it is relevant.

"But why can't reconciliation mean an evolution of thought? Acceptance of all people because we are human. Human beings. Earthlings. Despite colour, religion sexuality, socio-economic status etc etc you name it. We all breathe, eat, shit, sleep and experience emotions. We are a unique, talented, diversified species. So lets cut the crap, stop making excuses for hate and move forward."

And if anyone can help me in a more professional capacity or you want to throw some ideas around please contact me directly.

6194 people farout!! My heart sings with joy!! Cheers thanks alot, and please, keep spreading the word...

Tamika Garay

From little things, big things grow :)

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